The Power of One More Hour

I’ve yet to meet someone who says, “I have oodles of discretionary time.” Rather, most of the professionals I work with struggle to get everything on their overflowing “to-do list” done. When we do the work to identify what success means for them, they are sometimes confronted with the reality that there is dissonance between […]

5 Questions to Bring Clarity to Your Vision

“I want to get promoted.” Sound familiar? So many of the folks I speak with see this as the road to success. And, it may well be. But it’s worth questioning where that road leads to. That’s where having a vision comes in handy. Sometimes, though, the question, “What’s your vision for your life?” can […]

Understanding What Triggers You

A few weeks ago, I got completely hijacked by my fundamental needs. I thought it might be helpful for you to see just how easily it can happen, and how important it is to recognize that this is what is happening. In recognizing it, you are able to determine what you need to do to […]

How Much Time Are You Spending in Your Zone of Genius?

In speaking with a client the other day, he expressed his frustration that he was stuck. That he didn’t have time to do the stuff he wanted to be doing — and, in some cases, the stuff that was important to the organization — because he was caught up in a never-ending cascade of ‘busy […]

Leveraging Difference

I was honored recently when a friend sent me the pre-release of the inaugural episode of her new podcast, “Level Up.” The premise of the podcast is to explore how music can influence you – your outlook, your attitude, your productivity. She does this by interviewing musicians – both to understand the music that has […]

Long-term Planning and Short-term Focus

I believe that the pandemic has given individuals the freedom to look at their priorities and goals more objectively. Some of the underlying assumptions have been tested and reframed because of these circumstances. Rather than getting hung up on a long-term plan, I suggest that individuals set their intentions and then create short-sprint plans toward […]

Unproductive Productivity

Tony and I decided to slow it down over this long weekend. We made no plans. Ran no errands. Compiled no “to do” lists. And minimized time on our electronic devices. The result, not only do I feel rested and refreshed, I also had an epiphany about the direction of Dragonfly Coaching. Perhaps you can […]

How to Succeed in Reaching Your Goals

Over the past few months, I’ve been working with many clients to set goals for 2021. The process, done well, is an iterative one. It begins with the individual envisioning what is worth pursuing and, if resources were no constraint, what they would be able to accomplish. The way I describe this is that if […]