Organizational Consulting and Leadership Coaching

To first turn our gaze inward, into the depths of our own lives, in order to give dynamic expression to the inner transformation of oneself. There is no other recourse but to do so.

— Facilitation — 
When the stakes are high and the outcome of the meeting, series of meetings, or retreat, are critical, I ensure you maximize the impact of the time invested. 
Your group stays focused on the purpose of the meeting and everyone’s voice is heard. When we conclude, the decisions and next steps you take are clearly defined and documented.
— Onboarding — 
The process of identifying and hiring a leader can be quite costly. 
Maximizing your return on this investment involves not only making sure that the individual is onboarded as effectively and efficiently as possible, but that they feel welcomed and engaged. 
I help leaders and organizations navigate their first months as the leader begins their new role.
— Building Your Leadership Bench — 
As leaders, we often identify individuals who would benefit from developing certain skills and behaviors as they continue to progress in their careers. 
Using 360 data and psychometric assessment, I help the individual understand how they perceive themselves, how others perceive them, and the ways in which the gap between the two might getting in their way. 
We embark on a course of action to address those gaps that are meaningful to the individual and organization. A second 360 enables insight as to how these efforts are being realized by key stakeholders.
— Let’s Talk — 
Send me a message about your consulting and leadership coaching needs by filling out the form below. I look forward to hearing from you!

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