Five years ago today I received word that I was cancer-free. As I sat here letting that reminder sink in, I started to reflect on all that I’d accomplished in this 5-year span. Things like:

  • Completing my PhD

  • Watching my son graduate from high school and go on to college

  • Starting my business

  • Hired a VA (aka my thought partner, partner in crime, and accountability buddy)

  • Pivoting the Center’s delivery model and curriculum

  • Selling our home

  • Building and moving into our home near the ocean

  • Spending more time with friends and loved ones

  • And innumerable smaller moments

It is interesting to me that, because we are so focused on simply putting one foot in front of the other, we sometimes lose sight of just how far we’ve come. Frankly, I am a bit awestruck by this list. If you’d asked me to list my accomplishments, I would have been able to rattle them off — as I did here. But, when I pause and really reflect on the importance of each of these — to me, to my family, to the life I am building — the magnitude is so much more meaningful.

We’re so busy doing that we forget to look up…and back. By looking up I mean asking ourselves why what we’re doing is important? And, how does it propel us toward our vision? At the same time, when we are mired in the details, sometimes looking back gives us an appreciation for the progress we’ve made. I can share that, as I write this blog this morning, I have a renewed grounding and a fresh energy and perspective toward the next 5 years.

I’d love to know how you recognize and celebrate your progress.

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