Learning The Culture

I was recently asked the question, “I have started a new job during the pandemic. I’ve never been to the company’s offices or met anyone in-person. How do I figure out the company’s culture? I’m worried about tripping up and not even realizing it.” This is such a great question! And, I’m sure, this concern […]

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

While there has been quite a bit written about the Great Resignation and the inability to hire, I’ve seen less attention paid to the issues surrounding onboarding new hires. And yet, many of the conversations I’ve had lately have pointed to just how poorly organizations are doing integrating new hires — and how this has […]

Welcome to the Team!

Whether you are hiring someone externally, transferring someone to a new department, or promoting someone, it is essential to plan for their successful ascent from “offer accepted” to “fully performing the role.” The manager has invested so much time into creating the job description, sourcing candidates, interviewing applicants, conducting reference checks, and making a successful […]

Welcome On Board

See if you can relate to any of these scenarios: I’ve just been hired into a new company; I’ve recently been introduced to a new boss; I’ve been promoted to a new position. Regardless of which scenario resonates with you, there are commonalities among them. One that I’d like to talk about today is how […]