Do You See Obstacles or Opportunities?

I was watching the televised “End of the Road” KISS concert recently. During the pre-concert interviews, Paul Stanley commented, “Obstacles are what you see when you lose sight of your goals.” It seems this quote is originally attributed to Henry Ford. During the interview with Gene Simmons, he spoke of often being told that he […]

How to Learn About Resilience From a Leafless Tree

The other day I watched as the lush red maple outside my office window got ravaged by the wind. By the end of the day, the tree was bare. The reality is that this is part of the tree’s life cycle. At the end of the season, it sheds its leaves so that it may […]

Establishing and Embracing Your Personal Boundaries

Brene Brown describes boundaries as the clarity of knowing what is and isn’t okay. Sounds simple enough, right? And yet, for many of us the act of pondering, grappling with, establishing, and embracing, our personal boundaries is something we rarely — if ever — do. Not establishing and embracing our boundaries leads to resentment. Unfortunately, […]

Mr. Hyde Meet Dr. Jekyll

Does your personality shift when you are under pressure? My bet is that your response was something like, “No. Of course not. I am who I am.” Taking this a step further, I bet that if you asked those closest to you, those who see you in moments of duress, they may have a different […]


I wonder why, after all these years, I continue to be awed and amazed by how small a world it really is. I’m writing this as I sit aboard a flight headed from Boston to Denver. It’s a full flight. As always, I’m seated in the window seat. The young lady in the middle seat […]

Stop Putting Yourself in a Box

Assessments, those intriguing self-reflection instruments, have a special place in many of our lives. We often find ourselves intrigued by the insights they promise to unveil. Yet, these tools are often misused or underappreciated. It’s essential to understand that assessments can provide us with a valuable window into our own tendencies and preferences. However, it’s […]

Unlocking the Power of Boundaries: Your Path to Clarity and Resilience

Brené Brown eloquently defines boundaries as the clarity of knowing what is and isn’t okay. At first glance, it seems simple, doesn’t it? Yet, for many of us, the act of pondering, grappling with, establishing, and embracing our personal boundaries is something we rarely — if ever — undertake. The consequences of not establishing and […]

You Can’t Pour From an Empty Cup

In recent conversations with several executives, a common theme emerges — a relentless work environment marked by fewer employees, escalating demands, packed schedules, and incessant communication through texts, emails, and chat apps. The consequence? These executives are running on fumes, feeling utterly drained. When you’re depleted, creativity, objectivity, and sound decision-making become elusive. You might […]

Mitigating the Morass of Meeting Mayhem

A common refrain I hear from the leaders I work with is that they have no time to think or get work done because they are in back-to-back meetings all day, every day. When they share their calendar with me, it looks like a LEGO toy with colorful blocks from the beginning of each day […]

Finding The Right Balance

What does balance look like for you? This is a question many of us are struggling to answer. These past three years have turned our world upside down. Early 2020 saw us wrestling to wrap our arms around what the pandemic meant for us, for our family, for our work, and for our community. We […]