Asking for Help is Cheating… Or is it?

I remember an incident from my childhood. My family was all in the car headed to a particular destination. My dad was sure that his internal compass would get us there. Somewhere along the way, we all became aware that his compass must have gone haywire because we were no longer headed in the right […]

When Did We Learn Not to Dream?

Do you remember when you were a kid, and anything was possible? Do you remember playing make-believe and imagining, in vivid detail, complete worlds and stories and lives? And yet, at some point, we were taught that our dreams were frivolous, unattainable, follies. Typically, this was imparted to us by an adult who’d been given […]

Using OKRs to Stay Focused

We’re now comfortably into the second quarter of the year. For many, the goals you’d set for yourself at the beginning of the year have already begun to lose their sparkle — if they haven’t dulled and dusted completely. There tend to be two reasons for this. First, we jump out of the gate so […]

Never Enough Money, Access, Resource, Time (MART)

An easy way to remember external resources is with the acronym MART. The analogy I’ll give is to think about an actual mart, or market. You don’t control their hours of operation, the prices they charge, or the inventory they stock.  You don’t have control, but you do have choice. You may have a choice […]

Self Awareness is Hard

I’ve not met anyone who does not think themselves self-aware. I’ve also yet to meet anyone who has completely eradicated their blind spots. They are called blind spots for a reason…they are impossible for us to see on our own. It takes having folks around you whom you trust to help bring those blind spots […]

Feedback: Timing Can Be Everything

I am in the midst of building an online course. When completed, folks will be able to engage with this comprehensive program in a variety of ways…taking a single class; as a guided self-coaching series; or as a cohort with support from me throughout the program. As you might imagine, there are a lot of […]

What, Why, What, and How… In That Order

Do you remember when you were a kid…or perhaps thinking of your kids…the incessant refrain of, “but why?” When asked to do something, children rarely take for granted the reason for that request. And, yet, as adults, we’ve unlearned that important pause. Instead, we leap into action (how) to accomplish the “what” or, worse yet, […]

Leveraging Your Time

In his book, Atomic Habits, James Clear talks about the concept of habit stacking. The idea here is to couple something you are trying to do with something that you already do. A great example of this was provided by a friend of mine the other day. We were commiserating about how much we both […]

Why Do We Think We Need to Go It Alone?

I find it fascinating that many believe that for their success to be truly theirs they must go it alone. When I ask them to point out a single person who is truly self-made, who achieved what they have with absolutely no help/support/guidance from anyone, they cannot. And yet the belief persists. To be clear, I am […]

A Road Closed: What happens when things don’t go as planned

Picture this scene…you have a destination clearly in mind. You’re making fast progress on your route and suddenly, BAM! there is a “Road Closed” sign ahead. Do you give up? Do you turn around and go home? Do you decide that the universe obviously knows better, and this is a signal that you shouldn’t be […]