Tony and I decided to slow it down over this long weekend. We made no plans. Ran no errands. Compiled no “to do” lists. And minimized time on our electronic devices. The result, not only do I feel rested and refreshed, I also had an epiphany about the direction of Dragonfly Coaching.

Perhaps you can relate — I’d been mulling over where I wanted to take Dragonfly Coaching — in the long-term. For weeks, I’d been compelling myself to sit down and put pen to paper, to no avail. This is something I work with my clients on regularly — helping them to get clear on their intentions. Yet, I found myself struggling. And the harder I tried, the worse the results.

So, when we planned to take the weekend off, I set it aside as well. And, in doing so, allowed my subconscious to start to percolate on the topic unfettered. Truly, I haven’t put any thought into it since shutting down my computer for the weekend. I was pleasantly surprised when, as I sat down to journal on the last day of our long weekend, all of a sudden these ideas began pouring out of me.

This isn’t new or novel. This is why we get our best ideas when sleeping or showering or when we’re out in nature. That said, it is a wonderful reminder that allowing ourselves the luxury of unproductive time can lead to even greater levels of productivity.

How have you benefited from unproductive time?