Today’s a rough day. I’m feeling the effects of my ordinarily busy schedule having been amped up for several weeks. I realize that my energy level is low. What does that look like? Things that should take little time to do seem to take far longer. Minor annoyances get magnified. And, I tend to get very frustrated with myself.
While, ideally, I wouldn’t let myself get into this situation in the first place, that is unrealistic. In work and life there will be ebbs and flows of busyness. So, while the goal is to work to keep my tank full so that when these sprints occur, I’ve got the energy to deal with them, there are times when I find myself running on reserves.
Here’s what I’ve learned about navigating those moments of depletion:
  • Be kind to yourself. Getting down on yourself and trying to “push through” don’t help. If you are someone who tends to be really hard on yourself, it sometimes helps to think about what you would say to someone you cared about who was facing these same circumstances.
  • Give yourself permission. Where possible, adjust your meetings/expectations for the day to give yourself a bit of grace. Go for a walk. Listen to music. Take a nap. Whatever it is that is going to help you begin to restore yourself. I’m not talking about a 5-day silent retreat or even a spa-day. You’d be surprised at the impact a 15, or even 5, minute recharge can have.
  • Ask for what you need. In other posts, you’ve heard me talk about lamp lighters. This is a great moment to reach out to a lamp lighter, to that person who can empathize with you and offer support as you work through this.
What I’ve found is that when I employ all three of these tactics, I am able to move through the funk more quickly and easily. And, conversely, the more I avoid these tactics, the longer and more painful – for me and those around me – the funk is.
I’d love to hear the healthy and helpful ways you’ve discovered to work through those bad days.