One of the reasons I chose to name my practice after the dragonfly is because, in its lifecycle, the dragonfly goes through the process of Emergence. This is a wonderful metaphor for the work we do when we feel the discontent of our current form; when we have a sense that there is something different, something more, that we are here to accomplish.

Differently from a butterfly, which cocoons itself for its metamorphosis, the dragonfly simply attaches itself to a branch for its emergence, exposed and vulnerable to its environment. And, there it slowly reconstitutes itself from its nymph form to its adult form. As we experience dissonance within ourselves, we too, do not remove ourselves from the stresses of daily life as we transform. This inner transformation for us can be just as messy and uncomfortable as the physical transformation is for the dragonfly. We experiment with new ways of being, evaluate, adapt, and experiment again. At each phase, we reveal more of our true self — to ourselves, and the world around us.

The beauty of emergence is appreciating that we already have all that we need within us to manifest that version of ourselves. For those courageous enough to shed their old shell, there is the opportunity to spread your wings and reveal your unique gifts.