About Lisa

Dr. Lisa DeAngelis’ research focuses on transformative teaching. Her work on teams, leadership, and transformative teaching has been published in peer-reviewed journals.

She brings 3 decades of divisional and corporate leadership experience to the work of preparing leaders to excel in the twenty-first century. Lisa has helped facilitate programs such as a high-potential executive education program at Wharton, the Women’s Leadership Summit at Novo Nordisk, faculty and staff at West Point, the leadership team at Astra-Zeneca, HR leadership at LEGO, and MIT Lincoln Labs.

Leadership is an inside job – it’s about influence, not authority. Lisa helps individuals understand who they are as a leader and how to bring that to each aspect of their life. She encourages individuals to step into their uniqueness, claim their power, and actualize their vision.

In her coaching work, Lisa brings compassion, tenacity, curiosity, and humor to bear as we clear out the obstacles blocking your potential – even when that obstacle is you!

In her consulting work, she helps individuals and leadership teams achieve greater success and alignment.

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