Picture this scene…you have a destination clearly in mind. You’re making fast progress on your route and suddenly, BAM! there is a “Road Closed” sign ahead. Do you give up? Do you turn around and go home? Do you decide that the universe obviously knows better, and this is a signal that you shouldn’t be headed to that place?

The reality is this happens over and over again in our lives. We didn’t get the job offer we’d hoped for. We didn’t get the house we’d bid on. We were passed over for the promotion we knew we were a shoo-in for. And, for many, this does become the proverbial end of the road. We encounter a stone wall, shrug our shoulders, and retreat.

But, what if you could make the vision of that destination so compelling that the stone wall seemed like just an inconvenience? What if not getting the house allowed you to see how much you want to become a homeowner; to think about what it was about the house that had gotten you excited in the first place…and what aspects of that particular home you might have been compromising on. What if being passed over for the promotion leads to a fantastic conversation with your boss about your aspirations and how the two of you might align on the best way to make that happen? What if not getting the job offer prompted you to think more creatively about the skills and talents you have in such a way that you were able to find an opportunity that truly motivated and challenged you?

Think about it like a well-written novel. The next time you face a “Road Closed” sign, try saying to yourself, “Isn’t this an interesting plot twist! I’m curious to see how the next chapter will unfold.” Hopefully, this allows you to shift your mindset from resignation to resourcefulness.